Energize Your Job Search With Additional Customized Resume

Energize Your Job Search With Additional Customized Resume

Cover Letters

Resume writing is only one component of a job seeker’s system, which should also include targeted cover letters and appropriate follow up. A system is often only as good as the weakest component. A resume sent to a potential employer without a cover letter or worse, a poorly constructed one, will reduce the number and quality of opportunities available to the seeker. A well-written cover letter can be the key to an interview. The cover letter should be tailored to the requirements of a specific position and is a means to articulate why you are perfect for the job for which you are applying. After all, what good is a great resume if you can’t get someone to read it?

Resumes for Success provides outstanding resumes, combined with targeted cover letters and expert consultation to ensure that your “resume package” navigates the maze of screeners to that all important decision maker.

Job specific cover letter is written specifically for a particular position for which the client is applying. Client should provide advertisement or job description to the writer. Same day turnaround.

Thank You Note

Successful job seekers follow up on their submissions. After completing our resume writing and cover letter services, we provide thank you letters that get results!

The point is to make you stand out from your competitors. A good follow up letter and a courteous thank you can be a powerful tool in your job-seeking arsenal.

It will reiterate positive aspects of the interview. In certain circumstances, it will also address any weak points that the candidate identifies in a post interview debriefing with the writer.

Executive Resume Writing

Executive Resume Writing will be assigned to a senior writer who has experience getting results for executives. The focus is on professional resume writing and the creation of related job search documents for CFO’s, COO’s, CEO’s and other senior executive positions.

A well-written CV can make the difference in the success of your career or academic pursuits. A CV should be used for international, academic, education, scientific or research positions or when applying for fellowships or grants. As with a resume, you may need different versions of a CV for different types of positions. Skilled technical Resume writers staff has won jobs, promotions and grants for our clients in the most demanding technical disciplines by creating clear and concise descriptions of their accomplishments.

Government Applications

There are over 14,000 Federal Government jobs available nationally, at any given time. Many applicants who are highly qualified for Federal positions do not tap into these opportunities because they don’t understand the Federal job system. Good resume writing service does. Most Federal government jobs require specially formatted resumes, “Resumix” resumes, the OF 612 application or other documents. Federal resume writing service has extensive experience completing these documents.

Translating the skills of a separating military serviceman or woman into language that civilian employers understand is key to a successful job search. Federal resume writing service maintains close ties to the military community and offers a depth of knowledge to this special group.

Job Search – Consulting Services

Resume writing by is not a boilerplate service. Highly experienced consultants become part of your job search team. They help you with your job search by coaching you on the appropriate use of job search tools like cover letters and resumes, identifying the exact experience and accomplishments that match a prospective employer’s needs in addition to creating a job search plan to get you in front of as many potential employers as possible. They put you in charge of your future by arming you with powerful, proven techniques for getting that next job … guaranteed!

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