Soft Skills vs Hard Skills: how to please the employer from the first resume

Soft Skills vs Hard Skills: how to please the employer from the first resume

These concepts became widely known relatively recently. In fact, everything is simple: Hard Skills are professional skills that directly relate to your job duties: the ability to write code – for a programmer, medical knowledge – for a doctor, and knowledge of languages ​​- for a translator. This is something that can be measured with a special exam.

Soft Skills are associated with your personal characteristics. You can demonstrate Photoshop knowledge right there, on the spot, but hardly any leadership qualities and flexibility. This is what we used to indicate at the end of a resume, as a rule – for a tick or for an impressive amount. And very vain. The fact is that in our time, communicative qualities are becoming increasingly important. Industries are increasingly interconnected, mechanical work is moving away to robots, and people are left alone or in command with each other. This is where Soft Skills comes in.

Lifehack #1 (few people know and apply about it, but it can be great to distinguish you among other applicants): you should not just list the hackneyed “communication, stress resistance, punctuality” in the graph of personal qualities. HR will roll his eyes anyway, barely starting to read, and will not see what qualities there are next.

Highlight a separate paragraph about examples from life, confirming that you have these very characteristics. For example: “I am diplomatic. At the previous work, we had a conflict of interest with our colleagues. Perceiving the situation, I decided it as follows. ” And so on.

Lifehack #2. If you are applying for a job vacancy, where your skills are important first of all, for example, in IT, place this information in front of the “work experience” column. HR will immediately see the information of interest, and highlight your resume.

What do employers want?

In addition to advanced professional skills, they expect a set of communicative skills from the applicant. Most of the vacancies in Ukraine today fall into the areas of sales, services, entertainment and others directly related to the ability to hear, listen, work in a team. Thus, even if you lack professional skills – Hard Skills – required by the company, you can emphasize a certain Soft Skill, which will be valuable in this position. Well, immediately reinforce what was said with an example from a career biography.

Soft Skills for your resume

  • The ability to adapt to all situations that arise and develop solutions to problems that satisfy any client.
  • To react and adapt to the emerging challenges and obstacles, under stressful conditions, calmly and logically, develop working solutions in a timely manner.
  • To create a working relationship with colleagues and clients with different types of personality and from different sectors of society, always maintaining a professional and equal position.
  • Adapt to new industry standards.
  • Revise sales strategies to reflect new customer trends.
  • Assess and break complex workflows into specific steps to increase efficiency and reduce time costs.
  • Analyze large amounts of data, identify trends and present results in a clear and understandable form.
  • Develop comprehensive solutions to complex problems through careful analysis and accurate data evaluation.
  • Determine the efficiency of budget allocation within the framework of the tasks set and successfully implement them.
  • Prevent accidents at work by promoting safe working practices and preserving company equipment.
  • To monitor the activities of competitors.
  • Create and detail step-by-step processes for creating intermediate and final deadlines for all projects, simplifying the identification of the main obstacles and brainstorming solutions.
  • Organize and communicate very detailed planning and time management objectives so that all team members understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Restructure underdeveloped projects requiring complete revision.
    Strengthen strong relationships with customers and strategic partners to increase brand awareness.
  • Facilitate monthly employee meetings to ensure mutual understanding of project guidelines.
  • Provide a high level of trust when communicating with groups or individuals, which allows you to convey Understanding of the meaning and realization of body language, both to assess the intentions and attitudes of others, and to project the desired position for others through non-verbal communication.
  • Highly developed communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, which help to build relationships that are more favorable for an acceptable outcome of any negotiations.

Universal Hard Skills in your resume

  1. Computer literacy
  2. Foreign languages
  3. Analytics
  4. Marketing
  5. Design

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