The Best Adventure is Traveling around the Globe

The Best Adventure is Traveling around the Globe

A round trip is an excellent opportunity to forget about some time in everyday life and to meet every morning in a new city with new adventures. At first glance, such a venture seems a bit adventurous, and very difficult, sometimes dangerous words from “80 days around the world” immediately come to mind. And we live in the 21st century, and an absolutely safe way is available to us – this is no less fascinating, but less problematic journey than that of the characters of Jules Verne.

A cruise around the world can start from the Mediterranean ports (Barcelona, ​​Savona), American (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, Los Angeles), African Cape Town or Australian Melbourne. During your trip you should move at least three oceans – the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Side ashore, three or four, perhaps as many as six continents. From the old Gothic cities of Europe to the distant unknown Australia, from the enticing enigma of Asia to North America not yet studied in the film, from the wild savannah Africa to the Indian cities South America … And all this in one journey!

How much time will have to spend? Perhaps 90 days, and possibly half a year, depending on which route you choose. How much money do you have to spend? Of course, this depends on its duration, but the role and class of the cruise company and the category of the cabin are just as important.

Costa Cruises. For example, a world cruise in January 2017 from Savona will cost at least € 13,999 per person. Oceania Cruises shipped from Miami must pay from 33,279 euros per person. Regent Seven Seas Cruises will cost from € 46,909. Yes, you must admit that the impressions of such a cruise will be enough for you for a long time.

The five-star hotel has a five-star hotel restaurant, all-inclusive meals, restaurants and shops are on hand. A few months do not think about cleaning, washing, cooking. A few months just to relax, to develop spiritually, to put in order the thoughts and feelings!

Several centuries have passed, and the world has already been studied and open to everyone. Magellan, that is, a better option than a world cruise, you can imagine!

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