Top Things to Remember When Choosing the Best Night Vision Scope

Top Things to Remember When Choosing the Best Night Vision Scope

The main purpose of night vision sights is to determine the distance to the target (if there is a rangefinder), to clearly mark it and to point the weapon at the desired point. The main element of the sight is an electron-optical converter (EOC). Other components: one input lens, one magnifying glass and aiming mark (brand), performing the role of “front sight”. Tip: in low light “fly” can merge with the background, so it is advisable to choose sights with illuminated reticle. Electro-optical converters differ greatly in their characteristics. The criteria for selecting an image intensifier for night vision sights are the resolution, sensitivity of the cathode and the purity of the field of view. It is on these indicators that manufacturers are based in determining the cost.

What else should you pay attention to?

  • The purpose of the sight is to provide a clear and vivid image, contrasting, with good resolution. In this case, some distortion of the picture of the image is permissible. Ideally, the device is equipped with a silent power supply, insulated nodes and electrical equipment. The presence of diopter adjustment and focusing of the lens on the final distances is welcomed. The target mark is preferably red, but in black it can also be viewed sharply and contrastly. There is a choice for the user. The aiming system should be as simple as possible so that the target can be clearly and clearly seen at 70, 100 and 150 meters.
  • When choosing night-vision sights, you need to take into account additional factors affecting the observation range – the degree of natural light at night, the transparency of the atmosphere, the contrast between the object and the background. The observation range increases significantly on a light night or, if the object is on a lighter background (snow or sand). The target detection range through the sight is directly related to the generation of the electron-optical converter installed on it.
  • You also need to pay attention to the compliance capabilities of the sight and features of the weapon on which the device is installed. Proper selection will significantly reduce the amount of expenses.

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